Our Services and Fees

Anne Marie Johnston in Speech & Language therapy session

At the SLC we aim to remediate specific difficulties or to teach strategies to cope with these difficulties by focusing on your child’s strengths. We aim to take a holistic view of each child functioning within their environment, considering all the factors that may be influencing the child. The SLC clinic has two therapy rooms which have been created to provide a homely environment to encourage optimal learning combined with access to a wide range of up-to-date clinical assessments and therapy materials. We use our main office to work with primary and secondary aged children. We have second new therapy room designed especially for children under 3 years, which is equipped with fun, engaging and age-appropriate resources. We aim to provide a high quality, professional service with premium clinical resources.

Fees – 2021

Initial Assessment – €275

Our assessment fee includes two sessions:

 Session one – parent/carer only (approximately 30 minutes)

  • We will take a detailed case history from the parent/caregiver. Here your concerns will be discussed and your best hopes for how we can support you and your child will be discussed. Please allow up to an hour for this appointment.

Session two – child assessment (approximately 1 hour) 

  • The assessment with your child will consist of a tailor made assessment, child based on the information provided during the parent/carer session. Upon completion, the assessment results discussed with you and a brief written feedback form will be provided*. Based on the assessment results and the recommendations provided, if intervention is indicated, you now have the option to proceed with booking a block of therapy. Please allow up to 1.5 hours for this appointment. You are welcome to bring a drink and snack for your child to have during the session.

 Please note a deposit of €100 is required to secure an assessment appointment which will be refunded fully if you cancel or re-schedule your appointment more than 24 hours prior to the session.

*If you require a detailed report (for example to submit to your child’s school), this can be provided for the standard report fee (€100). Please discuss this with your therapist if you wish to avail of this.

Review Assessment – €150

Review assessments are undertaken periodically after a block of therapy. The aim of a review assessment is to measure progress, evaluate generalisation of learnt skills and to ensure therapy goals are set using up-to-date assessment results. Your child will need 1-2 sessions to complete a review assessment.

Individual Therapy

1 Hour Therapy Session – €85

A therapy session consists of:

  1. Identification or review of your child’s therapy goals.
  2. Preparation and planning of materials and activities according to your child’s own therapy goals prior to the session.
  3. Personalised therapy activities targeting specific goals and areas for further development as identified from the assessment results.
  4. One-to-one therapy session with access to a wide range of therapy resources.
  5. Continuous assessment and evaluation of progress.
  6. Ongoing review and appraisal of therapy goals.
  7. Provision of homework activities to allow opportunities for carryover at home.
  8. Specific advice and support regarding your child’s speech and language development.

Off-site preschool and school visits are available on request. Cost varies with distance and length of time spent in the school. Please contact to discuss.

Prepaid Sessions and 24-hour Cancellation Period

Service users now have two payment options.

Option 1: Therapy sessions are pre-paid one session in advance i.e. 170 euros will cover sessions one and two and payment on session two covers session three etc… Please refer to example one.

Option 2: Payment for the six-week block can be made prior to the block commencing or on session one which will further secure your sessions. An online payment will be available for this option.

If for whatever reason you have to cancel a therapy session within 24 hours that session will be considered an indirect therapy session where your appointment time will be allocated to creating a home-program and the guidelines and materials for your child’s session will be emailed to you to ensure your child continues to achieve their therapy goals within their six-week block. Upon your return the pre-paid system will continue. Please see example 2.

These changes have been implemented in order to ensure that each child receives a fair and efficient service at the SLC and it also secures your future sessions. If sessions are cancelled without sufficient notice or blocks are discontinued at random, your child is not availing of the pattern of speech and language therapy they require in order to achieve their goals. This system allows us to have a predictable time frame for others waiting to commence their therapy blocks.

Example one: A block of therapy with no cancellations within 6 weeks

Therapy Session Number Fee due on day
1 €170 (payment for session 1 and 2)
2 €85 (payment for session 3)
3 €85 (payment for session 4)
4 €85 (payment for session 5)
5 €85 (payment for session 6)
6 €0 (All 6 sessions previously paid for)

 Example two: A 6-week block of therapy with 1 cancellation (notice given within 24 hours)

Therapy Session Number Fee due on day
1 €170 (payment for session 1 and 2)
2 €85 (payment for session 3)
3 (cancelled within 24 hours – indirect therapy – tailor made home program emailed) This session was paid for in session two. Indirect therapy in lieu of attendance.
4 (pre-paid system continues – pay session 4 and pre-pay session 5) €170 (payment for session 4 and 5)
5 €85 (payment for session 6)
6 0 euro (All 6 sessions previously paid for)


Reports and Programmes

  • Detailed Written Report from Assessment – €100 (Fee payable upon request for report).
  • Home/school programmes – approximately €100. Prices of home/school programmes vary according to the content and preparation required. Prices will be discussed and agreed with you beforehand and will be dependent on your child’s specific needs.

Deposits are required in advance of assessments and therapy blocks. Fees are payable on the day of attendance. As of September 2021 cash payments are no longer accepted, card payments are available unless an alternative method has previously been discussed and agreed with a therapist at the SLC.

Tax Refunds for Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy fees are tax deductible. To avail of this, you will need to get a MED1 form from the tax office, and keep all receipts. The tax office also requires a medical letter of referral from a GP or Consultant.

Health Insurance

A number of Health Insurance Plans provide cover for Speech and Language Therapy. Please check with your own Health Insurer for details. You can combine your Health Insurance and tax refund by claiming tax relief on monies paid in excess of that covered by your Health Insurer For example, an initial assessment fee with a 20% rebate with a Med 1 application reduces the rate to €180 and an individual therapy session would be reduced to €60.